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B A C O N   W I N S   E V E R Y T I M E .

SKU: #p0003


It is of the upmost importance to always stay true to you, even if that means being different. No matter who you are or what you believe, there will always be people who expect you to be a certain way. Expect you to act a certain way. Expect you to talk a certain way. Even expect you to feel a certain way. But this is your life. You are in control of how you design it. Live it however you want to live it and don’t be afraid to shake things up. So when life comes knocking and expects you to throw rock, paper or scissors… you throw bacon.  You don’t have to live like everyone else. Be different. Play different.  And remember, Bacon Wins Everytime.

Product Info

Created By: Mr. Gray

Dimensions: 14" x 42"

Type: Acrylic on Canvas

Year: 2019

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