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F L A M I N G O  F L O C K  G A N G  .

SKU: #p0020


Being different and going against grain can often times be a challenging task, but an important task worth pursing on your journey of self. Add the layers of social dynamics and your desire to be accepted and you will have most definitely created a massive soupy mess of turmoil. But you are not alone. We have ALL been there at some point. It’s simply apart of life. Being different is about accepting who you are without worrying how others perceive you, even those closest to you. Your “different” may even attract other “differents.” So it’s important to remember when that day comes, and you find that special flock you belong to, always stay true to YOU through and through. Be you, be different and stand out amongst the flock.

Product Info

Created By: Mr. Gray

Dimensions: 48" x 24"

Type: Acrylic on Canvas

Year: 2022

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