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P I G A L I C I O U S .

SKU: #p0008


Happiness is not having a boatload of money, luxury cars or an endless list of possessions. Happiness is not something to purchase and is definitely not something that is guaranteed. But moments of happiness can be found all around us. Happiness is the feeling of the sun on your skin. It’s the gentle embrace of someone you love. It’s a pair of warm socks fresh out the dryer. It’s watching your child take their first step. It’s meeting new people. It’s making new memories. And sometimes, happiness is as simple as a bunch of overly happy pigs smiling at you for no apparent reason. Happiness is not defined by a single thing. Happiness is infinite.

Product Info

Created By: Mr. Gray

Dimensions: 40" x 30"

Type: Acrylic on Canvas

Year: 2020

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