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Mr. Gray's Animal Mash-Up Coloring Book

Are you ready to get wacky? Then this book is for you! Get out your crayons; grab your markers and dive into Volume One of Mr. Gray’s Animal Mash-Up Coloring Book! From a Pigfly to a Tyrannomonkey Rex this book has it all! Over 74 unique drawings to color, funny FAKE ! facts on every page, a secret treasure hunt and pages to create your very own Animal Mash-Ups! So explore that imagination and remember to always stay silly!

Mr. Gray's Animal Mash-Up Coloring Book

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  • 74 drawings to Color!

    • Create your own animal Mash-Up pages!

    Fake facts: Fake facts on every page. For example, “Did you know a Peafish (Peacock + Fish) uses its super special feathers to spread rainbows and happiness?”

    Bonus Treasure Hunt! Can you help Mr. Gray find his 8 missing items?

    One-Sided: Each coloring page is printed on one side so you have the option to display your masterpiece and to color it with your favorite markers.

    YouTube Channel: How To Draw with Mr. Gray. Take the experience one step further with Mr. Gray’s YouTube Channel: How To Draw with Mr. Gray. Not only can you color all these silly Animal Mash-Ups but now you can learn how to draw them too!

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