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The Animals & Friends Coloring Book

Get out your crayons; grab your markers and dive into Volume One of The Animals & Friends Coloring Book by Mr. Gray! With 74 unique animals to color, exciting fun facts on every page and a super secret treasure hunt, this immense coloring book is guaranteed to provide hours of coloring fun! So the question is...are you ready to explore your imagination?

The Animals & Friends Coloring Book

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  • 74 drawings to color!

    Fun facts: Facts on every page! For example, “Did you know snakes smell with their tongue and chickens can recognize over 100 different faces?”

    Bonus Treasure Hunt! Can you help Mr. Gray find his 8 missing items?

    One-Sided: Each coloring page is printed on one side so you have the option to display your masterpiece on your refrigerator AND to color it with your favorite markers.

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