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The Animals & Friends Coloring Book: Zombie Edition

They're cute. They're fluffy. They're Zombies. Your favorite animals are back from the dead ready to be colored in this immensely detailed coloring book guaranteed to provide hours of spooky coloring fun! In this second volume, Mr. Gray converted every page of The Animals & Friends Coloring Book into an all out zombie experience full of brains, boogers and bones. So be sure to pick up volume one to see the ghastly transition from the living to the undead. But now the real question is...are you brave enough to color them all?

The Animals & Friends Coloring Book: Zombie Edition

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  • 74 Zombiefied animals to color!

    Fake facts: Fake Facts on every page! For example, "Did you know Zombie Dragons breathe smoke instead of fire?"

    Zombie Treasure Hunt! Mr. Gray hid 8 super creepy zombie body parts in this coloring book! Do you have the guts to find them all?

    One-Sided: Each drawing is on its own page so you don't have to worry about bleeding onto the reverse drawing. (Also makes it refrigerator ready!)

    YouTube Channel: Take the experience one step further with Mr. Gray's YouTube Channel: How to Draw with Mr. Gray. Not only can you color all these creepy zombies but now you can learn how to draw them too!

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