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B R I C K S .

"Self-Made." I believe that no one is truly "self-made," but rather are a culmination of foundational bricks that shape every aspect of who we are and what we are to become. The bricks are those that surround us.

No one grows through life alone. Along the way we are introduced to family, we meet strangers and we make new friends. Some stick around forever while others simply pass through. But each one of these people, whether permanent or temporary, eventually becomes another brick to our foundation. It’s these people that help shape us into who we become. We learn from the love that we receive. We learn from the mistakes that we make. And we grow from our pain and the pain of those around us. But no one grows alone.

"We learn from the mistakes that we make. And we grow from our pain and the pain of those around us. But no one grows alone."

I whole heartily believe that, but for years, I felt the opposite. I've always been very ambitious with an entrepreneurial spirit that shows no signs of slowing down. I was self-made. Everything I created, I created by myself. I didn't need anyone to achieve my goals and I did it WITHOUT the help of anyone. It was me, myself and I. A one man army.


Those who say, "I'm self-made or I did it on my own," are grossly overlooking the power of influence that people and situations can make overtime. When I look back on my career I also look back on those who supported me along the way. I think about my mom, my biggest cheerleader, who never let me doubt my creative direction. I think about my sister who has always pumped me up in the moments when I needed it the most. I think about my fiance' who constantly reminds me of what I'm truly capable of and who helps me daily to slay my internal demons. I think about friends, foes and failed partnerships. I think about the death of my father. I think about the falling out of family members. I think about songs I've heard, Ted talks I've listened to and the thousands of inspirational youtube videos I've watched. The list goes on but the point I'm trying to make is that its these little interactions with humanity that shape our success.

If you were born into a dark room, never interacted with the world, would you truly have become the person you are today? I doubt it. So please don't overlook your bricks. Bricks can be both positive and negative and sometimes indifferent. But either way, your bricks are shaping your foundation every second that passes by whether your know it or not.

So as you continue to evolve and lay more bricks, remember to be thankful for those you met along your way.

We are bricks.

We build each other up.


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